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MALT Showcase
2016 USTA Adult League 55 & Over Alabama Champion 3.0 Women - Mobile
Kristy McElroy, Captain Diane Moreno, Semra Davenport, Janet Skinner, Cindy Leonard, Kathy Jordan, Kathy Barnett
Not Pictured: LeAnn Ingle, Deborah Latil, Carol Ann Jeffery, Sandra Reynolds, Terry Mckinney Latimer
2016 USTA League 18 & Over Champions 4.5 Women - Mobile
Megan Cooper, Kasey Stubbs, Emily Hutchisson, Cathy Mosteller, Hallet Green
Back: Leigh Owens, Mary Lucy Mattei, Captain Lynes Crocker, Samantha Douglas, Lane Jackson, Teisha Mixon
NP: Sally Wilson, Lindy Waller, Virginia ratcliff, Sam Gardner, Rachel Hartley
2016 USTA League 18 & Over Champions 4.0 Men - Mobile
Scott Thompson, John Teague Murphy, Kenny Sands, Captain Andrew Fusiotti, Charles Mathison
Back: Mike Marshall, Michael Johns, Chandler French, Todd Rowell, Chris Whatley, Leo Maldonado, Gary Connick
NP: Nathan Mora, Jeffrey Smith
2016 USTA League 18 & Over Champions 4.5 Men - Mobile
Brian Dorgan, Michael O’Brien, Mike Mathison, Kent Gardner, Mitch Rencher, Captain Anthony Nguyen, Mike Jackson
Back: Jason Antoine, Aaron Bauer, Matthew Davis, Craig Campbell, Dean Doty, Robby Palmer
NP: Jeff Davis, Robby Dunn, Steven Morgan
2016 USTA League 18 & Over Champions 5.0 Women - Mobile
Leigh Owens, Kasey Stubbs, Emily Newton, Hallet Green
Back: Mary Angela Martin, Captain Lynes Crocker, Emily Nunnally Stewart, Michelle Spires, Mary Lucy Mattei
NP: Amy Russell, Kelsey Russell
2016 Tri Level State Championship 40 & Over 3.5/4.0/4.5 Women's Champion - Mobile
Kay Williams, Captain Suzy Ginsberg, Cheri Ogea, Tonya McCown, Carla Pierce Emily Hutchisson, Meridy Jones, Robin Coleman, Fay Felty, Nicole Olmsted
Not Pictured: Kathy Gordon, Leda Gordon
2016 USTA Alabama Award Winners
Male League Captain of the Year - Andrew Fusaiotti

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